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Patrologiae Cursus Completus, Series Graeca, Part 1 (vols. 1–18)

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The volumes of Jacques Paul Migne’s Patrologiae Cursus Completus, Series Graeca form the largest collection ever published of the extant writings of the ante-Nicene Greek Fathers of the Early Church—serving not only as the translation base for Philip Schaff’s Early Church Fathers, but also as the bedrock of theological and historical studies of the Early Church. The first piece of the Logos edition of the Patrologia Graeca represents the first 18 volumes (20 volumes in print) of the entire 161-volume set, roughly covering the ante-Nicene Fathers (pre-fourth century, prior to the epoch-marking Council of Nicaea). These volumes include the writings of the Apostolic Fathers, the post-Apostolic Fathers, apologists, and other ante-Nicene Fathers.

Between the years of 1857 and 1866, an industrious French monk, the abbé Jacques Paul Migne, published the 161 volumes that make up the Patrologiae Cursus Completus, Series Graeca, roughly translated “Complete Course on Patrology, Greek Series,” and commonly referred to as “Patrologia Graeca” (PG). These volumes contain much of the available extant witness in Greek to the writings of the Fathers of the early church. Each volume of the Patrologia Graeca contains not only Greek editions of writings of the Fathers, but also includes lengthy dissertations, introductions, and other supplementary material. Many editions even contain notes on textual variants found among other manuscripts, along with explanatory material written in Latin.

The 38-volume edition of the Early Church Fathers, edited by Philip Schaff, used many of the Patrologia Graeca volumes as translation base, but Patrologia Graeca contains many works of the Church Fathers not translated by Schaff and not available in English. Where material is in common between Early Church Fathers and Patrologia Graeca, the Patrologia Graeca encodes links to Early Church Fathers, allowing access to an English translation for those who have the Logos edition of the Early Church Fathers.

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  • Patrologiae Cursus Completus, Series Graeca, Part 1 (vols. 1–18)
  • Editor: Jacques Paul Migne
  • Series: Patrologiae Cursus Completus, Series Graeca
  • Volumes: 20
  • Pages: Over 15,000
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Jacques Paul Migne was a notable priest and publisher in 19th-century France. He was born in Saint-Flour on October 25, 1800 and studied theology at Orleans, before becoming ordained in the diocese of Orleans in 1824. After publishing a controversial pamphlet, Migne was forced to leave his parish. He moved to Paris, where he founded the journal L’Univers religieux, which he edited until 1836.

In 1836, Migne founded a publishing company designed to distribute theological works cheaply for a wide audience. For nearly three decades, Migne published hundreds of volumes of Greek, Latin, and Syriac writings from the first fifteen centuries of Christianity. He published continually until his publishing company was destroyed by fire in 1868, and his publishing was further hampered in 1870 by the Franco-German War.

Jacques Paul Migne died in Paris on October 24, 1875.


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  1. Robert Chavez

    Robert Chavez


    This realease is difficult to utilize. The Book number gives no indication of the Authority contained therein. Im often frustrated opening each title searching for contents. Even the marketing synopsis on this advertisement only gives the authority contained and not a Title of the work.
  2. diederick pütter
  3. Gary Everett

    Gary Everett


    The write-up above for these books tell us that these are not "facsimile editions of page-scans; they are full-blown, full text Logos resources." However, the sample pages are facsimile pages. It would be nice to see the sample pages of the text editions. This is a fantastic edition to have linked to other resources. It would help the average Bible scholar to navigate through these works. I have spent several years struggling through the facsimile pdf editions downloaded from the internet as public domain, sometimes with difficult text to read.
  4. Darren Slade

    Darren Slade


    Any updates on when this series will be released?
  5. Kevin Clarke, Ph.D.
    Glad to see Logos is finally moving on this production. So important!! Be sure to follow the link above and place your bids on the complete 161 volume PG collection.

499,99 $

Sammlungswert: 599,40 $
99,41 $ (16%) Rabatt
Ab 41,70 $/Mo im Warenkorb