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A Textual Guide to the Greek New Testament

ISBN: 9783438060440

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This edition is based on the widely known Textual Commentary on the Greek New Testament of Bruce M. Metzger. It was especially designed for translators who have not received formal training in textual criticism. It enables them—and other people interested in the initial text of the Greek New Testament—to discover more easily the reasons that certain variant readings in the New Testament are more likely to be original than others. Therefore the notes of Metzger have been simplified and expanded.

Included are discussions of significant differences in divisions and punctuation where those involve differences in meaning. Technical matters are explained in non-technical language. An easy-to-read introduction provides a brief overview of textual criticism, including explanations of key terms, a history of the text, and methods that are used by scholars to arrive at their conclusions.

  • Easy-to-read introduction provides a brief overview of textual criticism
  • Includes explanations of key terms, history of the text, and methods used by scholars

Top Highlights

“Textual criticism of the NT is the study of biblical texts in ancient manuscripts in order to determine as closely as possible the exact text of the original writings (called ‘autographs’) before copyists made changes and errors as they copied them.” (Page xi)

“The terms ‘Byzantine text’ and ‘Textus Receptus’ are often popularly used interchangeably, but it should be noted that there are about 1,500 differences between most editions of the Textus Receptus and the Byzantine form of text.” (Page xxvi)

“The notes are not intended to replace Metzger’s original notes, but merely to simplify and expand them” (Page vii)

“The chief characteristic of Western readings is fondness for paraphrase.” (Page xxii)

“three sources used to reconstruct the original text of the NT” (Page xii)

It really is a pleasure to look up and search in ways never thought possible before these great electronic resources. I must confess that the 'wow' factor remains high even after roughly three months of use.

—Rubén Gómez, Bible Software Review


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  1. Vaclav Janca

    Vaclav Janca


    This resource hasn't been processed properly. Greek ζ is repeatedly scanned-recognized as φ, resulting in nonsensical words. I reported it as typo at a specific location, but it's in multiple places. In Ro 10.15 twice, later e.g. in 11.7, 14.9. This results in nonsensical words throughout. I checked other parts, like Mk 7.19, Col 2.13... it's in many places, but not everywhere. Col 3.21 has correct ζ.
  2. Matthew Rini

    Matthew Rini


  3. BoCharmer



  4. Edvaldo Beranger
    En mi studios exegéticos siempre considero las consideraciones del Dr. Bruce Metzger. Em meus estudos exegéticos sempre considero as considerações do Dr. Bruce Metzger. This book is fundamental for exegetical´studies.
  5. Ian Carmichael

    Ian Carmichael


    I know, and love, the Metzger original. I trust the update will hold his high standards!
  6. Manuel Fernández Martín
  7. Faithlife User

    Faithlife User


  8. Daniel Gloor

    Daniel Gloor


37,99 $

Digitaler Listenpreis: 46,99 $
9,00 $ (19%) Rabatt