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Liddell and Scott Greek–English Lexicon (LSJ)



The Liddell and Scott Greek–English Lexicon (9th edition, 1940), is the central reference work for all scholars of ancient Greek authors and texts discovered up to 1940, from the 11th century BC to the Byzantine Period. The early Greek of authors such as Homer and Hesiod, Classical Greek, and the Greek Old and New Testaments are included. Each entry lists not only the definition of a word, but also its irregular inflections, and quotations from a full range of authors and sources to demonstrate usage.

Indispensable for classical and biblical studies alike, the world's most comprehensive and authoritative dictionary of ancient Greek is now available with the Revised Supplement integrated into the body of the text for the first time ever. The publication of the Revised Supplement in 1996 marked a major event in classical scholarship and was the culmination of 13 years' painstaking work overseen by a committee appointed by the British Academy, involving the cooperation of many experts from around the world.

The Logos edition is the most useful version of Liddell and Scott (LSJ) ever assembled. It is the only edition in which the hundreds of pages and 26,000+ articles of 'Supplement' material have been integrated into the text of the main lexicon, allowing the user to instantly access the 1996 revisions and additions without flipping pages. And like all Logos reference works, the electronic edition links to all the other reference books in Logos Bible Software for instant lookup of related texts. This includes over 198,000 links to the Perseus Classics Collection!

  • Integration of the revised (1996) supplement in the main body text
  • Formatting enhancements that make the text more readable
  • Inclusion of various fields for searching enhancement
the digital LSJ is a real gain and a must for classicists. (more...)

Bryn Mawr Classical Review, Willeon Slenders, Radboud University Nijmegen

All in all, it is a pretty slick way to access that magnificent reference work. (more...)

Classical Review, Rob Latousek (Centaur Systems), Random Access columnist

In the electronic Liddell and Scott, the Revised Supplement is seamlessly woven into the dictionary's lemmata and is available nowhere else electronically. The presentation of the dictionary's entries in the electronic Liddell and Scott is much easier to read, with generous white space separating subsections that in the print Liddell and Scott cause blurred vision even in the youngest. In addition, while not correcting all of the erroneously or confusedly labeled sections and subsections of a lemma's definition...the electronic edition's layout makes it easy to see an ordered and logical presentation of the definition. (more...)

Bryn Mawr Classical Review, Gerald Verbrugghe, Rutgers University, Camden

  • Title: Liddell and Scott GreekEnglish Lexicon
  • Authors: H. G. Liddell and R. Scott
  • Edition: 9th, with Revised Supplement 1996
  • Publisher: Oxford
  • Publication Date: 1940